Spiritual Direction

~ For Spiritual Seekers ~

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~ Gifts of Spiritual Direction ~

Identify and trust your experiences of God.

Integrate spirituality into your daily life.

Discern and make difficult choices.

Share struggles, losses, or disappointments.

Find encouragement and affirmation in faith.

Grow in relationship with God, self, others, and creation.


If you are interested in pursuing Spiritual Direction, please contact Cathy Olds or Diane Saunders at bridgetspcenter@gmail.com

Shiela Howe

Sheila Howe

Sheila Howe is one of the founders of AZ Ecumenical Institute for Spiritual Directors, and completed her own training in Spiritual Direction at the Kino Institute. She provides counseling services for individuals, couples and families. Her primary focus includes the mental, spiritual and physical well being and transformation of those who seek her help and listening heart.

Sandy Kenger

Sandy Kenger

Sandy Kenger completed certification in Spiritual Direction through the Kino Institute in 2003. She
provides a safe, open space to engage in holy listening and discernment. Through training and education in spirituality and psychology, Sandy seeks to provide guidance in integrating spirituality into all aspects of life, focusing particularly on developing a felt sense of God's love.


Cathy Olds

Cathy Olds

Cathy Olds has worked as a lay minister in the Catholic Church for 40+ years. She has a Master of Arts in Theology and certificate in Spiritual Direction from the Ari- zona Ecumenical Institute for Spiritual Directors. She has ministered as a spiritual director for twelve years and has the privilege of supporting those on the spiritual journey believing that God meets us where we are. Cathy
has a love for Celtic Christian spirituality and women's spirituality.


Kathy Perrin

Kathy Perrin

Kathy Perrin recently moved to Arizona from North Dakota where she completed certification in
spiritual direction in 2006 through the Emmaus Program at the Annunciation Monastery. Her background in the Benedictine tradition of prayer, community, service, respect for persons, moderation, and hospitality lend to her focus on spiritual companionship with those who are seriously ill and those who are grieving loss of a loved one.

Diane Saunders

Diane Saunders

Diane Saunders was drawn to Contemplative spirituality as a young adult and has nurtured this spirituality studying Spiritual Direction at the AZ Ecumenical Institute for Spiritual Directors and Boston College. She has a Masters in Theology and Education and has worked in the field of Religious Education. She treasures the incarnational nature of family life as a primary source of grace. She treasures Spiritual Direction as a practice that unbinds one for a greater identity in God and the fullness of life and joy.

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