Camp Bridget 2019 - T-Shirts


Camp Bridget 2019 - T-Shirts

from 5.00

T-Shirts are available for purchase for Saturday Only - Day Trip Registrants for $5 each. Select the number of T-Shirts you wish to purchase, and complete the Family Member Name and Sizing Information for each T-Shirt you wish to purchase.

Note: T-Shirts are free with the full weekend registration. Any T-Shirts ordered using this page will be at additional cost.

If you are attending Saturday Only and purchasing a T-Shirt for someone else, but do not want one for yourself, select NO T-SHIRT for Head of Household and enter the rest of the information.

To purchase more than 6 T-Shirts, please contact the office. If you have not yet added your Saturday Only - Day Trip Registration, you may do so below.

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