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(Archived 3/22/2009)


Dear Parishioners,

I thought this would be an interesting item to ponder for our Lenten conversion experience.

March 11, 2008—In an effort to appeal to the modern Catholic, the Vatican has announced a list of seven new mortal sins. Some of the new don’ts: thou shalt not pollute and thou shalt not have too much money.

Madeline Brand speaks with Father James Martin, acting publisher of the Jesuit magazine America, about the importance of updating the 1500-year-old sin list.

“I think it’s to remind people that sins are not just indi-vidual,” he says referring to the Catholic church’s old seven deadly sins—lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride. “There’s also social sins...sins that affect the community at large and sins that an institution can engage in.”

The New Mortal Sins
1) genetic modification
2) carrying out experiments on humans
3) polluting the environment
4) causing social injustice
5) causing poverty
6) becoming obscenely wealthy
7) taking drugs

Thanks to Rock for sharing this with us! The sins aren’t so much “new”, as they are newly worded ways to help us, through contemporary categories, understand where we still need to grow in our discipleship, our accepting God’s grace, our lives of conversion.

Pax Christi,
Fr. Scott

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